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BlueNova, the home of high performance, ultra-reliable energy storage solutions.

Utilising the latest Lithium-Ion Phosphate technologies, our energy storage products are the leading technology in energy storage for the modern world. Renowned for their reliability and durability, our products allow for high-cycling and longevity, so you don’t have to compromise.

Electricity tariffs are on the rise in many locations, and with increasing uncertainty of supply from local power grids, thus our solutions can reduce your costs and give you peace of mind for your home and business.

Above all we integrate seamlessly with most brands of inverters and monitoring, ensuring a problem-free compatibility environment. Our batteries are built to the highest standards, thereby ensuring both safety and efficiency.

Experience the benefits of a new generation of energy storage solutions. At BlueNova we offer batteries for a wide range of applications – from 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V up to 800V. Storage capacity ranges from 1 kWh for small residential applications to 1080 kWh for industrial applications. In conclusion we can do it all, whatever your battery needs may be.

What are Lithium Ion Batteries?

At BlueNova we manufacture Lithium Ion Batteries. In essence, Lithium Ion Batteries exist because of the discovery of lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2). When you pair a lithium cobalt oxide cathode with a graphite anode (in most cases), intercalation of lithium ions between layers of graphene takes place. This takes place in the spaces that occupy the inclosed site between single hexagonal rings of carbon atoms.

When you charge the lithium ion battery, the lithium ions move from the positive electrode, or the cathode, through a solid / liquid electrolyte to the negative electrode, or the graphite anode. While the battery runs down this process occurs in reverse.

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