Solar Back-Up Calculator

Important Considerations:

  1. No items with high electricity usage to be put onto a battery back-up solution if it can be avoided
  2. Convert to energy efficiency first (ex.  get a gas stove / solar geyser / change to LED lighting )
  3. If considering solar for a roof system, make sure that your roof is maintained and can handle the weight, alternatively rather look at carport / other structure
  4. A preliminary quotation / design estimate can be done only, subject to site inspection and data logging for final design and quote based on the info supplied by client on this sheet.

How to find out what power your appliance consume in Watts:

Find it on the lable of the unit / or on the manual / spec sheet for it

Look for the following ratings on there:

  • Volts (V)
  • Amps (A)
  • Watts (W)  -  this is what we require
  • If only V and A is available, then multiply the two to get to Watts  (Ex.  230V x 2A = 660W)
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